Xander den Duijn Xander den Duijn follows the MSc. Geomatics for the Built Environment and owes his affinity with 3D modelling and sustainability to multiple internships at Dutch engineering firms. In his time off Xander distinguishes himself as the Dutch Usain Bolt in running competitions across the Netherlands.
Vincent Ringoir Vincent Ringoir is a MSc. student in Construction Management and Engineering. During this program he executed research projects at consultancy firms in Indonesia and the Netherlands. Next to his passion for architecture, Vincent has always dreamt of being the pretty singer-songwriter playing his ukelele.
Gerben van den Oever Gerben van den Oever gained experience in practice while working as an assistant designer at one of the most prestigious architecture firms based in the coastal area of the Netherlands and he is currently enrolled in the MSc. Complex Projects studio. Gerben is extremely skillful when it comes to solving a rubik's cube.